LyviaStudio 2nd Anniversary Sale Event

Jul 23, 2023

    In order to celebrate the second anniversary of lyviastudio website store and express our gratitude to our buyers , we decided to hold our second anniversary event.

     -Which merchandise is available for this event?

     Almost everything on the website store page is available for this event! 

  Not only photocards,but also signed polaroids&signed album&signed pages are on discounted sale!

     Please have an interested look!

 -When will be the event start?

This event will be last for one month which is from 23rd,July to 8th,August,KST.

We are looking forward to your attention and thank you so much again for supporting us during the past one year.

Standard tracked shipping may not be accepted for some countries and areas.

The final interpretation to this event belongs to LyviaStudio.

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